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Sad poetry I guess

It starts with the sadness than it turns to madness.
The taste of love & happiness is very bitter sweet.
Kinda like a kiss laced with poison it drips down to the heart till its cold, cold as ice.
You might think this feeling would be nice, to not feel the way someone should to love.
The feeling of caring scares me, hunts my mind dead.
The tears and trembling lips start to feel right at night, like the same story over and over.
The warmth of my pillow isn’t body heat my dear, take a better listen and u can hear my cries in my pillow.
My skin crawls knowing there is another day of these nightmares, like flys on a dead body thought of u swarm my mind.
All I can do is say everything is fine so I can breath this air that liers and cheaters have also.
I feel it in my blood as the thumps and beats of my heart grow faster.
I can tell love is a lie.
My life is a lie.